Fate versus Destiny

We all have choices. Or do we?

Is free will but a myth and no matter what we do, we have already been pigeon-holed into our ‘fate’?

There has been a lot of discussion around the evergreen topic of free will and destiny in the spiritual community.

What’s what, really?

Here’s the low-down:

We are all born with a certain fate – one that encompasses the potential lifetimes before this one, our ancestral energetic imprint, and the path our spirit chose before we were even born into this life.

However, while in our human existence, we have been allowed free will to make our own choices. Now these choices, whether conscious (we are aware of what we are doing) or unconscious (no clue at all), all come with certain consequences, also referred to as karma.

Karma is simply the consequences of our choices, also known as cause and effect. Good karma comes from doing good deeds, and vice versa, you get the drift.

The sum of all the consequences of choices we make, forms our destiny.

Here’s something else to think about – we are all more than the equation of our Fate + Destiny.


You are worth focusing on!


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